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**Changes to August Calendar- Barn Hunt Trial will start at 9am on Sunday the 18th.

We have also added NASDA Trials the same weekend!! @ trials each day- Saturday and Sunday!


Welcome to High Desert Dog Sports!!

We created HDDS to provide a fun place for you and your dog to train, play and just have a great time!


Special Announcement!!!!

High Desert Dog Sports has the opportunity to expand to 20 acres!!

But we need your help!! Please visit our fund raising page (http://highdesertdogsports.com/Fundraising.html) for all the ways that you help make this dream a  reality! This is going to be EPIC!!!!!


******** We are giving away a Brand New Jeep Renegade!!!*********

Entry fee is $50 and we will do the drawing as soon as we sell 1000 tickets!! Our goal is August 10th! But we will keep going until it happens! Purchase tickets at local retailers or email HighdesertDogSports@yahoo.com to get your entry in! Tell your friends! You have a 1 in 1000 chance of winning, and the faster we sell the tickets the faster we draw!!!  Let's do this :-)

Now an even easier way to enter! Click on link to be able to purchase online!



Huge Thank you to our friends at Victorville Motors for helping to make this happen!!!

This picture is a representation of the vehicle we are giving away- may not be the exact color/options.

Official Rules-

Official Prize Drawing Contest Rules – Jeep Renegade Raffle

OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES: By participating, you agree that:

  1. These Official Contest Rules may not be waived, modified, or supplemented except by Providing Hope. No modification of these official contest rules shall be enforceable unless made by High Desert Dog Sports.
  3. The raffle drawing shall be held live on Aug 10th or when 1000 tickets are sold- whichever comes later. Drawing will be streamed live on Facebook. All tickets must be purchased before the drawing date to be eligible for the drawing.
  4. Each ticket will be entered separately in the drawing. Each ticket is a separate and equal chance to win the specified prize.
  5. Winner has 14 days to make arrangements regarding possession of the prize, or forfeits all claims thereto. High Desert Dog Sports may be able to deliver vehicles won to the winners town, as long as the winner resides in the continental US.  Vehicles will be DRIVEN and not hauled to destination.
  6. Entries for the drawing are sold at local retailers and online at https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=17022926&appointmentType=10857140 or may be purchased in person at an upcoming event. Please check our calendar for a schedule of upcoming events.
  7. Odds of winning the GRAND prize are 1 in 1000. After the drawing, the winner will be contacted based on the name and information provided during ticket purchase. To pick up a vehicle, two forms of identification, one of which must be a photo ID will be required to prove that this person is the person on the winning ticket. Purchasers do not need their entry receipts for any reason. However, the receipts will be kept on file by High Desert Dog Sports.
  8. Winner notification will be made by email and Facebook.
  9. Participant must be at least 18 years old. Winner may be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility at the discretion of High Desert Dog Sports.
  10. High Desert Dog Sports will pay federal taxes, winner is solely responsible for registration, title, transfer fees, license duties, Delivery (if required- charge of $0.75 per mile), insurance and all expenses in claiming, registering and using prizes. This may include sales taxes and property taxes. High Desert Dog Sports has no liability with regard to fees for vehicles won.
  11. Vehicles will not be modified by High Desert Dog Sports to meet specific local, state or country requirements.
  12. As required by IRS regulations, High Desert Dog Sports agrees to pay federal income tax withholding to the IRS on the winners behalf. High Desert Dog Sports will file a form W-2G with the IRS to report the value of the prize won and the taxes paid in on behalf of the winner. The winner will receive a copy of this also. Winner is solely responsible for any state and local taxes.
  13. All non-US residents will be required by IRS regulations to pay 30% US income tax on the value of the prize unless the winner is a resident of specific countries exempted by treaty. This amount will be due upfront or withheld from the cash prize and submitted to the IRS on behalf of the winner. After the end of the year, High Desert Dog Sports will file a Form 1042 and 1042-S to report the value of the prize won and the taxes paid in by the winner. The winner will receive a copy of this also. Non-US resident winner is solely responsible for any state and local taxes
  14. In the event a unique Prize was lost, damaged, destroyed, or otherwise not available, High Desert Dog Sports’ liability shall be limited to refund of ticket price to participants. High Desert Dog Sports’ liability for any other claim is limited to refund of ticket prices.
  15. Winner agrees to the use of his/her name, address, photograph or videotape likeness and statements for publicity purposes by High Desert Dog Sports, and agrees to sign a publicity release without any further compensation.
  16. High Desert Dog Sports, reserves the right to cancel this contest at any time, in which event its liability is limited to refund of ticket prices to participants. Model year and vehicle options advertised are based on availability.
  17. Ticket sales to High Desert Dog Sports owners and their immediate families are prohibited. Immediate family includes spouse, children, and children’s spouse.
  18. Any person who engages in conduct designed to corrupt the outcome of a charitable gaming activity with the purpose to defraud, or knowing that he is facilitating a fraud, is guilty of a Class D felony.
  19. THIS CONTEST IS SUBJECT TO ALL APPLICABLE INTERNATIONAL, FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL LAWS, AND IS VOID WHERE PROHIBITED, TAXED, OR OTHERWISE RESTRICTED. Effective 1/15/10 Washington state does not allow its residents to purchase raffle tickets online or by phone.
  20. All proceeds benefit High Desert Dog Sports, 8820 Sierra Vista Rd, Phelan , CA 92371. We are NOT at this time a 501c3 non-profit.




We have tons of stuff for you and your dog to try together! There is definitely something for everyone and we look forward to watching you develop and amazing bond with your best friend!!